Exhibition: Woven dreams of fashion Ebba von Eckermann and Ripsa, 1950-1980

Exhibition Woven dreams of fashion Ebba von Eckermann and Ripsa, 1950-1980
October 14, 2010–January 8, 2011
Hallwylska Museet, Stockholm

Curator: Patrik Steorn, Centre for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University

There is more to fashion than garment design. Feelings, attitudes, values and style are woven into clothing by the wearers and beholders. Ebba von Eckermann, “the weaving Countess”, designed and fabricated plaids, skirts, coats and dresses using brightly coloured hand-woven woollen fabrics. She lived in Ripsa, Södermanland, but her fabrics and garments travelled far beyond the confines of Sweden. The style suited a generation of women dividing their time between housework, professional and social life, both in Sweden and internationally. Dreams of Sweden were also exported along with the garments.

This exhibition describes a part of 20th century Swedish fashion history which today is virtually forgotten, featuring clothes produced by, designed for and worn by the professional women of the period.

Swedish: http://lrk.lsh.se/default.asp?id=7976

Full version of the text in English can be downloaded here.

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